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The 1 Million

tech knowledge share Movement in Africa

We believe in the ingenuity of African IT talents. Our goal is to produce IT relevant content to Help one Million IT enthusiasts within 2022 to unleash their inner talent .... & feel the win

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#The Techknowledge share

Our story began 12 years ago with the same love and passion for code.As we grow our dreams grow as well as our actions too. Sharing & reaching one million IT related content sounds bold but we are confident that our actions will help us achieve our goal, we believe in the potential of the African talents, we also believe that our actions we help them unleash their digital potentials

1. GeexReview

GeexReview is the first digital tech open & collaborative magazine in Africa made by developers for developers. The magazine aims to spread coding culture & sharing the hottest and latest technology topics with the developer community, so what are you waiting for. start your sharing journey now! contact us atgeex.review@x-hub.io

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GeexReview Edition 1.0
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2. Our blog

This is simply our Blog xD. the concept is about writing logs of thoughts, tips, & feedback about the Hottest IT topics that will enhance anchoring the coding culture in the community

Our Blog

2. Our blog

3. Tech Chit Chat podcast

Our Blog

3. Tech Chit Chat podcast

Tech "Chit Chat" is a webinar where our team meets to share & talk about technologies, expertise, news & Live experience as Software developers & IT experts.

4. Our annual conference

Organized by xHub, Devoxx Morocco is the largest developer conference in MEA since 2012.

With +200 workshops +2000 attendees & 150 international speakers. The conference gathers the most creative minds, technologists, developers, & inspirational professionals coming to learn, share, network & celebrate the tech world.

Devoxx Ma

4. Our annual conference

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